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The Issue

Whatever the challenges, the success of your ambitious vision depends on empowered and enabled teams that do it right, from the start.

You can’t avoid it…transitions arising from right-sizing, disruption and acceleration strategies for growth, M&A challenges, or the need to re-tool and upskill your workforce…or all of the above and more, mean that your capacity for managing change must keep pace.

No company can afford weak or wrong decisions that lead to even more disruption. Time is not your friend when managing change is your top priority.

That’s the space where AbiNader Advisory Services works for you.

We are “people” people, facilitating the growth of your teams – centered on your vision, to acquire the competence to operate across diverse cultures, and drive collaboration and innovation throughout your operations.

When team members understand that they are all leaders working in collaboration on a clear and cohesive mission – to grow, prosper, and define your winning brand – the challenges become, well, manageable.

The Answer

It’s all about the process. You are already the experts in what you do; leaders in your field, highly talented and motivated people who know how to get the technical or professional job done. But success is a moving target, measured in quarterly returns, investor confidence in your ROI, reputation in your field, client satisfaction, and what you believe in.

We develop assessment, training, coaching, and retention tools specifically for you, to give your people insights into behaviors beyond their technical competence, which is not usually the issue.

What stands out in today’s multicultural work force, whether defined by ethnicity, race, education, networks, talents, ambitions, or other characteristics, is that self-perception and identity matter. The trend is towards effective collaboration, interdependence for innovation, and the need for more, not less, effective communications capabilities across media platforms and team members.

What can we do for you?

Our process is straight-forward and can be tailored to the client’s needs, budget, locations, and timeframe.

  • We develop insights into what you want through discussions and interactions with key players.
  • We ratify your goals in follow up exchanges with you, the client, that will be central to our facilitation efforts.
  • We agree on a scope of work including the range of services and desired results.
  • We deliver the services once the outcomes are defined and the services are designed and developed.
  • We provide you with an impact assessment of the results of our facilitation, if desired.

What are the keys to making the process effective?

  • Transparency – the role of the client and responsibilities of our group are stated as clearly as possible.
  • Trust – our relationship with you as client and your staff are central to the quality and consistency of our services.
  • Clarity – no obfuscation; we will deliver what we promise and expect the same from our client.
  • Integrity – our reputation depends on the quality of our work, and we are committed to excellence and effectiveness.

Our Skills

What you can expect from us

We are focused on building team-competencies across multicultural groups working in a common work environment.

We support clarifying and enabling leadership behaviors to that enable collaboration and communications skills crucial for success.

We provide a learning space where issues of gender, diversity, class, culture, and other topics can be addressed safely.

We are committed to driving sustainable learning strategies by which participants set personal development goals to better understand their contributions to the company’s success.