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Building crosscultural competencies

Intercultural Communications

As business becomes increasingly global, the need for organizations to develop intercultural competencies is more critical than ever. Whether your organization already operates across multiple countries and cultures or is expanding into a new market, Abinader Advisory Services can help you navigate complex social, political, and cultural contexts.

Our work in Intercultural Communications focuses on three broad areas:

  1. Cross-cultural communications to build staff competencies in dealing with people and institutions grounded in other cultures, especially across ethnic, national, and socio-economic differences.
  2. Interpersonal communications that build effective communications skills across differences in professional, organizational, and cultural backgrounds.
  3. Organizational communications that enable corporations and organizations to better manage internal growth and diversity through aligning company vision, culture, and communications behaviors.
It is remarkable that, in many ways, international business is still greatly affected by local environments and practices, which may confound or disable even the best planned and executed marketing effort.

While there is no fool-proof formula or set of rules for doing business overseas, there are mistakes that largely can be avoided if senior management and expatriate staff are sufficiently prepared to adapt their behaviors. Success is often specific to each venture and each culture, involving:

  • An awareness of one’s cultural dispositions.
  • A frank assessment of a target environment.
  • An understanding of a project’s political, social, and commercial environments.
  • The ability and commitment to act effectively within this environment.
  • A willingness to develop social impact investing opportunities.