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AbiNader Advisory Services

Navigating together towards your organization’s vision

You’ve invested energy, resources, and time to become a world-class leader. Yet there are still challenges to meet – digital disruption and retooling customer relations are just the start. Solutions require adaptability, cost and financing sensitivity, and productive relationships with staff and customers.

Our goal is to work with you to maximize your effectiveness as a leader, and to sharpen your focus on what’s vital to success in your role as the organization’s North Star.

Our job, as your strategic thought partner, is to enable you to build the shared vision, commitment, and empowered teams who will effectively manage your organization’s resources to proactively transition to your next business model.

AbiNader Advisory Services is a leading practitioner of training and education services, providing specialized resources to U.S. and international clients—in both the private and public sectors—that enhance opportunities to succeed. Our programs include:

  • Professional skills development for heightened staff competencies
  • Analysis of and solutions for energizing your organization’s culture
  • Negotiations and group integrity workshops for more effective team performance
  • Cross-cultural programs for all levels of project personnel
  • C-suite executive sessions on critical topics of project management, intercultural skills enhancement, and marketing/client development.

With clients in more than 40 countries as well as expertise in telecoms (ITC), defense, transportation, construction, hydrocarbon and renewable energy, agriculture/water resources, human resources, and other sectors, we have accumulated an array of experiential and management capabilities that inform and enrich our client services.

Discover more about AbiNader Advisory Services and how we can help your organization manage change, strengthen intercultural competencies, and drive your strategic vision.

Change Management

Helping your organization successfully lead and execute change.

Intercultural Communications

Developing effective teams with strong cross-cultural competencies.

Our Approach and Process

Learn about how we approach and engage complex challenges.