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Articles, presentations, and other information on managing change, doing business in different cultures, and operating in a global environment. Each document and presentation is available in a downloadable PDF format.


In this segment of “International Focus” Jean AbiNader discusses with host Doug Savage the changing role in the global economy of one of North Africa’s most dynamic nations, Morocco.

Doing Business in Africa and President Obama’s Power Africa Initiative.

Exclusive Interview on “Emerging African Economy & Entrepreneurship” with Jean AbiNader, Executive Director Moroccan American Trade & Investment Center in Washington, DC USA.

Jean AbiNader joins other leaders of the Initiative for Global Development in discussing IGD’s mission.

Jean AbiNader discusses the real challenges of investing in Africa.

Case Studies

As a global cloud computing company, our client’s staff needed to be not only technologically talented and innovative in their thinking, but also skilled at working effectively with teams spanning national borders and a range of cultures. More…

A large international mining company has acquired an innovative A&E firm with a reputation for creative and well-designed engineering solutions. However, integrating teams and dealing with a collision of organization cultures is a significant challenge. More…

Additional Articles

Jean AbiNader’s articles have appeared in a number of publications, such as Fair Observer and Morocco On the Move.